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Namji Doll, Includes Stand
Namji Doll, Includes Stand

Namji Doll, Includes Stand



Namji Dolls are fertility dolls given to brides during a wedding ceremony. The Namji believes that these fertility dolls are made with potent charms that enhance the bride’s fertility, ward off evil spirits that cause infertility and difficult labour. They also believe the dolls prevent miscarriage and promote the safe delivery of babies.

The bride carries the doll as a good luck charm anywhere she goes, in her purse or clothing. Once her wish is granted and she has a child, the doll is placed on the family altar or passed down to her daughter.

Namji Dolls, also known as Dowayo Dolls are fertility dolls native to the Namji tribe of North Cameroon. The blacksmiths of this tribe make this doll from carved African Rosewood. Namji Dolls date as far back as 1940.

Imported from Camaroon

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