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Pappelina Vera 2.0 Beige/Beige Matallic 70 x 120 cm

Pappelina Vera 2.0 Beige/Beige Matallic 70 x 120 cm



VERA 2.0


VERA 2.0 Bio Edition, a sustainable evolution of an iconic design. Pappelina proudly presents VERA 2.0 Bio Edition, a groundbreaking rug that combines timeless design with sustainable materials. Building upon the success of our beloved icon, VERA, which was first launched in 2002, we have reimagined this classic pattern with a modern twist and a commitment to environmental responsibility. What sets VERA 2.0 Bio Edition apart is its innovative use of BIOVYN™, a bio-sourced carbon neutral PVC made from wood-based tall (pine) oil. This sustainable alternative to traditional plastics reduces the environmental impact and carbon footprint, making it a choice that aligns with our dedication to eco-conscious practices. The pattern of VERA 2.0 Bio Edition pays homage to the original VERA, featuring its signature large round circles that have become synonymous with timeless design and modern elegance. By combining a solid color and a metallic shine, the pattern has been elevated to new height. The circles symbolize harmony, unity, and balance, adding a touch of sophistication to any space they grace. By choosing VERA 2.0 Bio Edition, you are not only acquiring a design classic but also making a conscious choice to support sustainable practices. Pappelina is proud to lead the way in the industry by offering a plastic rug that is environmentally friendly without compromising on style or quality. Thanks to the material's durability, the rug has a long lifespan, which gives a low environmental impact. Pappelina plastic rug VERA 2.0 Beige Beige Metallic
2.25 X 4FT

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